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Linacre Primary School

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Uniform Information

We have a strict uniform policy from Reception—Year 6.   If there is a reason why schools shoes cannot be worn, then we will provide your child with a pair of black school pumps.   We also ask that you clearly label your child’s uniform with their full name and class.   Nursery pupils also have a uniform, which consists of a white polo shirt, a school jumper and tracksuit bottoms, with comfortable shoes.   All of our uniform can be purchased from Paul’s Place facing Bootle New Strand.

School Uniform


Grey trousers

White polo shirt

Turquoise school jumper with badge

Grey or black socks

Black leather shoes—No trainers



Navy blue  and turquoise school kilt

White polo shirt

Turquoise jumper or cardigan with badge

Black, flat shoes.—No sandals or trainers. 

During the summer months, girls may wear a green/white gingham dress with a turquoise school cardigan (as above). 


PE Kit

All children from Reception age up to Year 6 need to have a PE kit in school.  Please ensure that your child has the following:

Navy blue shorts

White polo shirt

Black pumps. 

During winter months, pupils are free to bring in navy blue tracksuit bottoms, and will be able to wear their school jumper over the top of their t-shirt. 


Pupils in Year 3—Year 6 will participate in swimming lessons and will need a swimming costume/swimming trunks, along with a swimmin g cap and a towel. 


Jewellery should not be worn at any time.  This is for health and safety reasons.  Children may wear plain studded earrings, however these will need to be taken out at home on days that children have PE or swimming. 





School uniform for September 2020/21 is now available from Paul's Place.

Ways to Buy Uniform: In store at Paul Place 

272 Stanley Road 



L20 3ER 

Tel: 0151 922 2472 




Linacre County Primary School 

(Uniform Price List) Round neck Sweatshirt with logo from £9.99 

Sweatshirt Cardigan with logo from £10.99 

Polo Shirt with logo from £7.99 

Kilt from £10.99 

Book Bag (plain) One Size £3.99 P.E Pump Bag (plain) One Size £3.50 Boy’s trousers (black or grey) from £6.99 Boys and girls 3 pair socks from £3.99 Girls skirt from £6.99 P.E T-Shirt from £3.99 P.E Shorts from £3.99 Pinafore from £7.99 P.E Pumps from £4.50 

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Hillside High School Litherland High School Savio Salesian College Rowan Park 

Chesterfield High St Michael’s Sacred Heart 

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Paul Place School Wear 272 Stanley Road Bootle, Liverpool L20 3ER Tel: 0151 922 2472 

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