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Linacre Nursery & Primary School Reading Curriculum Statement


At Linacre Nursery & Primary School, we consider ourselves a ‘Reading School’.  As a direct result of this belief, we put reading front and centre of our whole school curriculum, it drives our curriculum, it is a key priority.  We fully appreciate our unique position and moral responsibility to develop and foster a life-long love of reading in the children at Linacre.


High quality texts, delivered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers are key to ensure engagement of all our children and allow opportunities to read for pleasure as well as the teaching of reading skills during English lessons.  This feeds directly into stimulating the children's writing. Where appropriate, other curriculum subjects are used to extend writing opportunities in a range of genres. 


Reading is at the heart of the Early Years and KS1 curriculum. Daily phonics sessions are delivered to all children in Nursery - Year 2 following the Read, Write Inc Phonics Programme. Lessons are interactive, practical and stimulating. Reading sessions for parents are delivered across the school to ensure parents are able to support effectively at home.  Year 2 - Year 6 follow the Reciprocal Reading approach to the teaching of reading.  Pupils have opportunities to predict, clarify key vocabulary, answer questions and summarise.  This enables the children to become confident, independent readers who understand all they read.  


The teaching of  reading is timetabled daily in all year groups:

  • Y2 – Y6 Reciprocal Reading 3x weekly
  • Comprehension – KS2 Cracking Comprehension – 2x weekly.  EYFS oral activities. KS1 weekly session (once the children are off the RWI programme).


At Linacre, we aim for all children to have the daily opportunity to:

  • Read independently
  • Read aloud
  • Be read to


Parent engagement is key to success and we encourage:

  • Reading at home through the use of reading scheme books and home/school diaries
  • Weekly reading sessions in class for parents and children for 15 minutes
  • Signpost parents to ebooks online


There are opportunities for children to read silently and complete reading related tasks independently each week. Every Thursday, both the children and staff members participate in 'R&R' (Relax and Read).  This aims to promote the love and importance of reading.  




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