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Linacre Primary School

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Physical Education

Our intention is to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all children to achieve. We provide opportunities for children to take part in competitive sport, ensuring access for all. We want the children to become increasingly confident and competent in a range of physical activities.


At Linacre we understand the importance of physical activity for our children and its unique place to impact learning and behaviour in all areas of school life. We intend to develop life-saving skills such as teaching children to swim since our school is located near a canal, marina and the beach. Teaching children respect, teamwork, leadership, resilience, fairness and equality through P.E drives the curriculum. The acquisition of sporting skills is our intent but of equal importance are the ‘softer skills’ that are necessary life-skills. We want children to enjoy P.E and relate that feeling of enjoyment to being physically active and aim to make it a life-long habit.  The Linacre 10 (Daily Mile) is an important part of every day and we are also working towards the Government's initiative of Active 30 minutes every day.


School Games Mark

In 2017-18 we achieved the Gold School Games Award for the first time. It was testament to the hard work of children, staff and parent helpers in organising and attending sporting events. We understand the importance of our children attending competitions to develop resilience, team work and leadership, lifelong skills. Linacre children are superb ambassadors every time they are outside school. Here’s to retaining the Gold Award for all our children!

Physical Education Knowledge Map