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Linacre Primary School

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Orlagh - our school dog

Thank you to the children, parents and staff for welcoming Orlagh to Linacre.

Orlagh enjoys spending time with the children, being taken for walks and likes the children reading to her. Children will be able to accompany Orlagh on walks to the local park however they must have a contact form in school if they are to go out of school with Orlagh.

Miss Gunnion

After another exhausting day in school, Orlagh is ready for a sleep in her new Alder Hey pj's. On Miss Gunnion's desk!

Checking out the school environment

Sitting at the Headteacher's desk

Orlagh will spend part of the day in Miss Gunnion's office

Orlagh is now ready to come into school to visit the wonderful children at Linacre.


She is a Poochon - a non-moulting breed and this should mean that children and adults with allergies are less likely to react to her.


There are enormous benefits of having a school dog which include:

1) Improve academic achievement

2) Increase literacy skills

3) Calming behaviours

4) Increase social skills and self-esteem

5) Increase confidence

6) Teach responsibility and respect to all life

7) Help prevent truancy

8) Motivate children who are often less attentive