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Lilly is our hero!

Lilly from Year 4 decided to do one of the bravest things ever when she had her hair cut. Normally, having your hair cut isn't usually a scary thing to do or something that would cause you to be anxious but Lilly showed tremendous bravery when she had her hair cut from long to a stylish bob in order to help others. Lilly donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust who provide wigs for children who suffer from hair loss either through having cancer treatments or from significant trauma.The Little Princess Trust was established in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, their friends and Hereford Cathedral Junior School. Hannah became unwell and lost her hair which was extremely traumatic for Hannah and her parents couldn't find a wig for her that was suitable for a little girl of Hannah's age. So, they set up this charity in order to help other children who were having the same experiences that Hannah did and were able to provide wigs that were given to girls suffering from hair loss. They then became more confident and able to face difficulties with a more positive attitude. 

So, without wonderful young ladies like Lilly, the wigs couldn't be made to help girls cope with the sometimes difficult circumstances that they have to deal with.

Well done Lilly! All of the staff children and, of course, Orlagh are extremely proud of you for donating your hair.