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Football - Linacre V St Philps'

Linacre V St Philip’s


This was our first home game of the season.  The team were determined to make amends for last week’s result, a couple of players speaking with confidence about how we were going to win.

After the K.O, Leah Newman went off on a run and her opening shot was ferocious, just over the bar.  A promising start.  St Philip’s went on the attack and their striker hit our post.  Daniel Mikolajewski was called upon to make an early save, which then bounced into the path of the opposition, 0-1.  Leah Newman, who was everywhere, stood on the ball and twisted her back.  She was replaced by Callum Jones.  Shea Maloney took a huge throw-in and found Charlie Guy in space.  Another attack was mounted and Milli-Ruth Pritchard-Wang was the last defender.  She stood her ground and made an impressive tackle, sending the ball up-field to Shea Maloney, who went past two defenders, putting his shot just over the bar.  St Philip’s went on the attack again, 0-2.  Shea Maloney was called upon to defend, leaving the opposition in no doubt as to who was going to win that particular challenge.  Sean Alty began to get the measure of midfield and settled into the role.  An unfortunate goal kick error led to the third goal, 0-3.  There followed a period of nice interplay for Linacre, with Callum Jones taking his time, controlling the ball and executing a great pass to Shea Maloney.  More attacking, exciting play followed with Leo Holmes and Shea Maloney, Leah Newman’s final shot going over the bar.  Daniel Mikolajewski cleared the ball off the touchline for an opposition throw-in.  This resulted in another goal, 0-4, shortly followed by another attack, 0-5.


HT  0-5

Linacre started brightly, Leo Holmes getting more confident and becoming involved in everything.  Leah Newman launched an enormous throw-in, reminiscent of Rory Delap, finding Shea Maloney, whose shot was parried by the keeper.  Leah Newman showed some superb individual skill, skipping past defenders, her shot going over the bar.  Another attack resulted in a goal-mouth scramble, with the Linacre faithful hoping for a goal, it wasn’t to be.  Shea Maloney struck a superb corner kick, met with an equally fine shot by Leah Newman.  Daniel Mikolajewski sent a huge goal kick to Leah Newman.  Play went up the other end again, with Charlie Guy and Joseph Johnson needing to defend.  Time was ticking on and Shea Maloney found himself in space, he looked up and took a long range shot, which was dipping, but not quite enough to get under the bar.  A super move then started with Leah Newman taking all comers on, passing to Charlie Guy, onto Shea Maloney, with his shot going over the bar.  Callum Jones was asked some questions by the opposition and he stood his ground working well with Sean Alty.


MOM – Leah Newman


Thanks to Tom for preparing the team.  Thanks as always to the Linacre faithful, your support is crucial and very welcome.