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Linacre Primary School

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Football away at Rimrose Hope

Rimrose Hope  V  Linacre


Linacre made a lively start, chasing every ball down. Daniel Mikolajewski was called upon to make a great save from a good shot.  Verity Pritchard-Wang stamped her presence early on in the game, with some fearless defending.  Shea Maloney began in defence, steadying the ship, blocking a strong shot from close-range.  He followed this with an enormous clearance.  Verity was in action again, chasing attackers down and limiting their options.  Daniel Mikolajewski made another great save, the ball going out for a corner.  Joseph Johnson began to get involved and had a wonderful ‘mazey’ run, getting past a couple of defenders.  With Shea Maloney in front of him, Daniel Mikolajewski’s confidence grew with every save.  Sean Alty produced an enormous clearance, which Charlie Guy set off chasing, with Leo Holmes in support.  Shea Maloney picked the ball up in defence and ran up-field, skipping past defenders.  Back down the other end and Daniel Mikolajewski was called on to make another super save.  Corner kick, header off the post.  Another corner, Daniel caught the ball, but then lost his grip and the ball rolled over the line, 1-0.  A superb first half, the best of the season.


HT  1-0 


Sean Alty off for Callum Jones.  We started brightly again.  The ball found Charlie Guy, who supplied a great header into the path of Leo Holmes.  Joseph Johnson took a throw-in, was kicked out.  Shea Maloney took another huge throw-in, which nearly found Charlie Guy.  Verity Pritchard-Wang again making her presence felt in defence, standing up to all-comers, and usually getting the better of them.  Callum Jones produced a super block, the ball rebounded to the Rimrose striker, resulting shot saved by Daniel Mikolajewski.  Charlie Guy then made an enormous block, Daniel again making a good save, but the ball went straight to the striker, 2-0.  From the kick off, the ball went down the other end and Daniel was again called on to make a save.  The third goal was a scrappy affair, 3-0.  Sean Alty came back on for Leo Holmes and was called upon to make a great block.  Two super saves from Daniel followed, but then a goal came from the pressure, 4-0.  Daniel was called upon again to catch a tricky shot, he was not going to give up.  Verity was challenging for every ball.  Sean Alty was chasing everything, while Shea Maloney was bossing the midfield, in an attempt to get us a shot on goal.  Daniel Wood came on and was involved immediately, following his man, cutting off the pass.  Callum Jones made a huge clearance.  Now, there came a great period of attacking play by Linacre.  Shea Maloney went on a super run, sending Leo Holmes through a gap with a lovely pass, which Leo was just beaten to by the Rimrose keeper.  Sean Alty made a strong, important challenge.  Daniel Mikolajewski made his final save of the match just as the whistle blew for the end of the match.


FT  4-0


This was a greatly improved performance, a super team effort.  Very well played everyone.  The travelling faithful were all in agreement, that this was a great team performance and hopefully the sign of things to come.


MOM – Daniel Mikolajewski and  Verity Pritchard-Wang.


Thanks to Tom for preparing the team.  Thanks as always to the Linacre faithful, your support is crucial and very welcome.  Thanks to Daniel Wood’s mum, Callum Jones’ mum and Leo’s dad for help with lifts.

Onwards and upwards Linacre.