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Final game of the 2016-17 football season Linacre v St Robert Bellarmine

Linacre v St Robert Bellarmine


This final fixture of the season saw Linacre host St Robert Bellarmine, the league leaders, on a beautiful spring day.  Linacre had a lively start, with Shea Maloney taking the ball down the left, putting in a great cross which KS and Steven Snow just missed, as it went across the face of the goal.  Campbell James was called upon to make an important early challenge, as Bellarmine went on the attack.  Steven Snow was doing a good job running back to cover in defence.  Bellarmine came on the attack, with Thomas Dobbin making a great clearance to Shea Maloney, who went past defenders with great skill.  KS was chasing down every pass.  Another attack from the opposition was foiled by Daniel Mikolajewski in goal, who was utterly fearless throwing himself on the ball at the feet of the striker.  Shea Maloney again was causing problems for the opposition.  Leah Newman was giving a good account of herself in defence, chasing defenders down.  A long-range shot from Shea Maloney went over the bar.  More pressure came from Bellarmine, but Linacre soaked it up.  Campbell James with a good clearance, followed by a good save from Daniel Mikolajewski.  Leah Newman got the ball in space and sent a super pass to Shea Maloney, who controlled it well, but the final shot got away from him.  Back at the other end Daniel again called on to make a super save.  Bellarmine were applying pressure, but Linacre managed to hold firm.  Their striker hit a hard shot at close-range which Daniel did well to react to.  Shea Maloney came back to cover, made a strong challenge resulting in our throw, which saw Leah Newman unleash an enormous throw in.  Steven Snow had some space, passed to KS.  Shea Maloney had a speculative long-range shot, which just went over the bar.  Bellarmine went on the attack, Thomas Dobbin found himself the last man, but he didn’t panic and produced a superb clearance.  A solid first half performance, with some excellent defending.


H-T:  0-0

Straight from the kick off Bellarmine scored, 0-1, followed swiftly by a second goal, 0-2.  Thomas Dobbin and Campbell James combined well at the back.  Thomas Dobbin was called on to make a good clearance, but not for long as Daniel was needed to pull off another great save.  Campbell James put in a huge challenge, which resulted in both players on the ground.  Thomas Dobbin made way for John Beckley.  Daniel made 2 more saves, but then they scored, 0-3.  Another goal followed quickly, 0-4.  Then Linacre were depleted with 2 injuries in quick succession.  Shea Maloney went off, Sean Alty on.  Leah Newman went off, Jamie Snow on for his debut.  Jamie Snow soon got involved, was popping up everywhere, even without a boot, I think, at one point.  Sean Alty began to get involved.  Bellarmine were pressing again and scored, 0-5.  Thomas Dobbin and Campbell James were not going to give up, neither was Daniel Mikolajewski who made another great save. 


F-T:  0-5

MOM:  Daniel Mikolajewski


Despite playing the league leaders, we made it difficult for them to score in the first half, they couldn’t get past our defence and the fabulous goal-keeping efforts of Daniel Mikolajewski. 

Special thanks to the travelling faithful, your support is so important.  Thanks to Neil for preparing the team. 


Squad:  Sean Alty, John Beckley, Thomas Dobbin, KS, Shea Maloney, Leah Newman, Steven Snow, Jamie Snow, Campbell James, Daniel Mikolajewski.


Training will begin the first Tuesday back after Easter, 3-4p.m at school.  We may arrange some friendlies.  Thanks to all the players who represented the school this season.  Well done everyone.