Children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish. We aim to provide our children with a basis for later language learning by building enthusiasm, curiosity and respect for other languages and cultures.


At Linacre, we use an online scheme of work. This provides opportunities for the children to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through learning new Spanish vocabulary covering various topics. This is supported by a range of practical role play activities and cultural experiences. Discrete lessons are delivered with learning blocked to allow for clear progression in the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills, built on prior learning. Children are also taught about the country of Spain which develops their awareness of different cultures and social customs.


The impact for all Linacre’s pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, is that they: can confidently converse on familiar subjects in Spanish using appropriate vocabulary can confidently use their knowledge to translate short phrases of spoken or written Spanish into English have an awareness of Spanish geography, culture and social customs

Curriculum Statement

Spanish Map