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Linacre Primary School

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High quality texts are the main driver of the English curriculum to allow for opportunities to read for pleasure and to model and stimulate the children's writing. Where appropriate, other curriculum subjects are used to extend writing opportunities in a range of genres. 


Reading is at the heart of the Early Years and KS1 curriculum. Daily phonics sessions are delivered to all children in Nursery - Year 2 following the Read, Write Inc Phonics Programme. Lessons are interactive, practical and stimulating. Reading sessions for parents are delivered across the school to ensure parents are able to support effectively at home.  Year 2 - Year 6 follow the Reciprocal Read approach to reading.  Pupils have opportunities to predict, clarify key vocabulary, answer questions and summarise.  This enables the children to become confident, independent readers.  


Teaching of  reading is timetabled daily in all year groups. These sessions have a clear focus and ensure the wider skills of reading are taught. There are opportunities for children to read silently and complete reading related tasks independently each week. The children are read to at the end of each day by the Class Teacher.  Every Thursday, both the children and staff members participate in 'R&R' (Relax and Read).  This aims to promote the love and importance of reading.  


Speaking, listening and drama activities are inbuilt into the various phases of the reading and writing process to enhance and deepen understanding. Nursery - Year 3 incorporate a 'Talk for Writing' approach alongside high quality texts.  The 'Chatta' storyboard approach to sequence sentences is also used across the school from Nursery - Year 6.  


The teaching of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar form an important part of the English curriculum. Where possible, this is incorporated within the Class Text as part of the Teaching sequence. At least one other separate grammar session is taught alongside this for content that is not covered within the class text.  

Handwriting is taught frequently throughout, using Linacre's bespoke Handwriting policy.  Pupils in Reception - Year 2 follow the letter formation as set out in the Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme.