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Y5 Receive an important letter

Last term, Y5 were looking at leter writing in English.  Since we had based a lot of our English lessons on 'Fox' by Margaret Wild and read 'Billionaire Boy' by David Walliams, we decided to put our letter-writing skills to good use and write to both authors. 


The letters included the children's thoughts about the books, commenting on such things as plot, endings, characters.  They asked thoughtful questions about the writing of each book.  They even gave each author some suggestions on new novels or sequels.


The letters were posted to each author just before Easter.  There was great excitement when a letter arrived at the school office addressed to Y5.  On opening it, we discovered it was a letter from David Walliams.  We were all thrilled to receive a reply.  He thanked the children for their letters and said he always enjoyed reading letters from school children.  He closed his reply urging the children to keep reading, as it is so important.  


It has since been reported in the press, that a sack of fanmail for David Walliams had gone missing and he was apologising to the many school children who would not now get a reply.  We consider ourselves very lucky. 


Well done Y5!